~ Why I Decided to Study Software Engineering

Having travelled many miles of varying paths throughout my lifetime, I find myself here at this very moment exploring a new avenue as a student in Flatiron School’s Software Engineering Program. It’s been several years since I’ve been a student, and I’ve gone through a variety of job positions since then. I’ve even chased dreams that ultimately did not pan out the way I had hoped, which brought me to some really rough times. But now, I find myself in a place where I can look back and connect the dots, and I’ve come to realize the significance of those experiences in terms of overall growth.

Looking way back in my past, I realize that I formed an analytical mindset at a fairly young age. My oldest brother taught me how to play Chess when I was 8 years old, and it quickly became my favorite game. Not only did it allow me to explore my competitive nature, but I learned how to think strategically, how to find my patience in high-pressured situations, and how to be a good sport even when things don’t go my way. I’m very grateful that these values have stayed with me throughout the years, as they have helped to guide me in times when I’ve felt lost, looking for a purpose.

Around that same time period, my middle brother was performing classical pieces by composers like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, & Chopin when he was 9 years old. Just by listening to him play, it not only inspired my love for music, but I believe it also helped to develop the creative part of my mind. I’ve always been captivated by all forms of art, whether they be sketches, paintings, sculptures, or musical masterpieces, I wanted to dabble in each of those things. In all the paths that I’ve travelled, I realize that art is in everything that we do - we’re simply expressing ourselves via different canvases.

Which brings me to more recent times where I find myself dabbling in a new medium, a new form of expression — Software Engineering. I truly believe that this path is a near perfect avenue to bridge both my analytical and creative mindset. Flatiron School not only provides the tools needed to begin painting on this canvas, but it offers a Master Class education with guidance and support, as well as a community of like-minded engineers. Having run my own business in the past, I’ve come to understand how essential it is to have a team, a group of individuals working together towards a common goal. It’s near impossible to do it all on your own, so I’m quite grateful to be a part of Flatiron School’s current Software Engineering cohort.

With that said, I really enjoyed being able to take some time to look back at the different roads I’ve been through, and to observe what they’ve amounted to so far. But I also know that there are still miles and miles ahead. I look forward to building my Software Engineering portfolio, eventually filling it with meaningful applications that are not only robust with useful features, but are aesthetically designed as well. I look forward to meeting new friends who might some day turn into colleagues or even possible business partners. I look forward to all the struggles and obstacles that we will undoubtedly confront, so that we can have the experiences of overcoming them and learning from them. We don’t know what the future will bring us (especially in 2020!!), but we do know this for sure…

This journey has just begun.

Software Engineer | React | Redux | Ruby | Rails