You’re an Object, Harry!

Populating the Universe

def get_data( route )
url = @url_base + route + "?key=" + @api_key
uri = URI( url )
response = Net::HTTP.get( uri )
arr = JSON.parse( response )

Uh Oh, Something Broke

Scraping to the Rescue

Object Relationships

My Preliminary Object Relationships Diagram — Houses have many Wizards, Wizards own many Spells

Organizing Code

class Cli
include Clistrict::InstanceMethods
include Navigation::InstanceMethods
include Commands::InstanceMethods
attr_accessor :name, :house, :info, :commands, :history def initialize
@history = []

Hogwarts Social Network

Hogwarts Social Network CLI Walkthrough Demo




Software Engineer | React | Redux | Ruby | Rails

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Software Engineer | React | Redux | Ruby | Rails

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